Race Info

A flat to rolling 2.5 mile course that will offer five, maybe six features.  Lots of good passing areas and great spectator visibility.  One run up featuring railroad ties.  One or two sets of boards: will there be two?  three?  four?  Who knows?!  One sand pit for your running pleasure- will it be 40m?  Will it be 60m?  They wouldn’t make it 80m, would they?  All that AND a special feature or two that will be revealed on race day.

BONUS: the course goes right through the beer garden every lap!

We’ll be doing some good spade work between now and race day to ensure the singletrack sections have some good flow to them so you say “WEEEEEE!!!”.  We’ll also leave a rock or two here and there to punctuate the trail with some other words from you.


9:00am – 30 minutes:

Juniour 10-14
Junior 15-18
Junior Women
Women’s C
Master Mens 55+
10:00am – 35 minutes:
Cat C Men
Cat C 35+ Men
11:00am – 45 minutes:
35+ B Master Men
45+ B Master Men
12:00pm – 60 minutes:
35+ A Master Men
45+ A Master Men
1:00pm – 45 Minutes:
Women A
Women B
35+ Masters Women
2:00pm – 60 minutes:
Open Men A
Open SS Men A
3:00pm – 45 minutes:
Cat B Men
Cat B SS Men
4:00pm Raffle / final awards