A heads up on finish line strategy…

Photo by Ronnie Lenzy

Last year there was a lot of discussion about the Belgian Farm Wall feature (people loved it). This year the Farm Wall is back! Note, however, that it is not 48″ high with hay bales this year. This time it’s 32″ high. That’s a foot and a half lower. Thus, no hay bales. The top has industrial grade grip tape on it too and all of the edges have been sanded round as well. It’s still 24″ from front to back.

The wall will be placed at exactly the point where if you’re going over it at the same time as another racer heading for the finish you have two choices once you hit the ground on the far side:

1) Shoulder your bike and run like a bat out of hell for the line.

2) Remount and try to ride your bike faster than your opponent can run.

If you run, be sure to pick the bike up off the ground. We saw people using this tactic last year and lose because they tried to push the bike by the saddle and as they ran and their front wheel flailed and augured. Also, why would you run on flat grass pushing a bike? The wheels against the grass slow you down. The carry here is essential.

We also saw people go for the remount to ride faster than the runner and blow the remount due to the tremendous noise of the crowd and the excitement. Or, they would nail the remount and then stall because they did not down shift before crossing the barrier.

We saw people try both ways and win, and lose using each. That’s the point here… it’s a fair match from the wall to the finish line so you’ve got to know what you’re capable of at the moment. Going for the run is less glamours but has a higher probability of success. Going for the remount and sprint requires greater presence of mind and you have to set up for it by being in the correct acceleration gear BEFORE you hit the barrier; however if you are in the correct gear and you don’t remount like a scrub you’re going to beat the runner.

It’s your choice.

Did I mention practice is Saturday from 3pm-6pm? See you at the park!