Saturday Pre-Ride Happy Hour!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve worked out a deal with the parks so we can offer you  Saturday Pre-Ride Happy Hour!

Normally parking is $10 a car at this park but as a result of some very high class negotiating you can get in for a mere $5 and your money goes right into making the park even nicer than it is now. I know, hard to believe, right?

So come join us from 3pm-6pm on Saturday for Pre-Ride Happy Hour! (BYOB)

Check out the course, find the good lines, check your tire selection, adjust your inflation… all the stuff that’ll make you WAY faster on Sunday. Refresh your memory on the corners and find your acceleration points after the turns… you can do it all Saturday!

See you there!

Cyclocross Magazine… everything you need to know… and more!


Cyclocross Magazine! You’re one stop for EVERYTHING cyclocross! For the price of about one race you get an ENTIRE YEAR’S worth of hot cyclocross action. Reviews, in-depth articles and all sorts of features and interviews with the people who make the sport and make the sport happen.

Cyclocross Magazine will keep you up to speed in the off season, no need to be Jonesing for half the year! Check them out online at

Thank you to Cyclocross Magazine for being one of our returning sponsors for this years event!

Things we’re working on today…

Today we went and took care of the permits business. We planned and designed the New & Improved Belgian Farm Wall and got the EMT’s, Porta-potties and course building crew squared away.

Tomorrow we’ll post up more info on our progress and what the course conditions will be. We looked into making a real UCI regulation sand-pit and to get that much sand delivered would have cost about $2000… maybe next year on that!

We’re honing in the tee shirt design and some more odds and ends. If you have not done so, GO REGISTER!

Parking, set-up and the course.


We’ve got plenty of room for your team tents / pit area right on the beautiful, golf-green like lawn. The only caveat is that grills must be on concrete, not on the lawn. Also, service dogs only, please. Loads of parking and the park will only charge you $5 a car.

Cedar Cycling… handmade in California.

The finest Merino wool. The best local crafts-persons. Stylish and functional design. Combine these three things and you get Cedar Cycling Apparel. Handmade in California.

Cedar will be on hand with some of their merchandise  Looking at it is fine, but touching it, feeling just how incredibly nice their gear is made is what will sell you on it. Stop by and check them out!